Born in Tenerife in 1972, Diego Navarro’s musical career began with the performance of his first composition at the age of 13.  Aged 21, he conducted an orchestra for the first time. Nowadays, the composer and orchestra conductor enjoys an international reputation, and specialises in film music. Navarro composes, orchestrates and conducts his music.

His most noteworthy film scores include 'Oscar. Una Pasión Surrealista' (Oscar: The Color of Destiny), the prize-winning score for the American Horror movie 'Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead', 'Puerta del Tiempo' (Time Gate), a cartoon feature film nominated for "Best Animation Film" at the XVII Goya Awards (Spanish Film Academy), and the multi-awarded animation movie 'Capture the Flag', directed by Enrique Gato and distributed by Paramount Pictures International.

His music and performances as a conductor have been released by the prestigious soundtrack record label Varèse Sarabande and by Quartet Records, among others. Navarro has conducted the Paris Symphony Orchestra, Krakow’s Symphony Orchestra, Aukso Orchestra, Golden State Pop Orchestra, Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife, Orquesta Sinfónica de Málaga, Filarmónica de Gran Canaria, Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, and Beethoven Academy Orchestra, among others.

Navarro is the director and the founder of the world-renowned Tenerife International Film Music Festival (FIMUCITÉ), which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. Maestro Diego Navarro has consolidated an international role promoting film music, becoming one of the most prestigious figures conducting live film music concerts.

Navarro has conducted a great number of world premieres, big Hollywood and European blockbusters, many of them specially arranged for FIMUCITÉ, including 'Perfume: Story of a Murderer', or Marvel super productions - 'Ironman”, Spider-Man 3', 'Thor', and 'Fantastic Four'. In order to celebrate the 35th anniversary of 'Alien', Navarro conducted the world premiere of 'ALIEN, A BIOMECHANICAL SYMPHONY', a selection of the best music written for this 20th Century Fox Franchise (a concept created by FIMUCITÉ and also performed at Krakow’s FMF in 2012). Diego Navarro has also conducted noteworthy concerts such as the UNIVERSAL PICTURES STUDIOS 100th ANNIVERSARY CONCERT, released by Varèse Sarabande, the DREAMWORKS ANIMATION STUDIOS TRIBUTE, JAMES BOND 50th ANNIVERSARY and VARÈSE SARABANDE’S 35th ANNIVERSARY. The composer’s music was included in the album released by the prestigious record label to commemorate this anniversary.

Diego Navarro has conducted the music of the greatest film music composers and his repertoire includes Bernard Herrmann, Alex North, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry and other contemporary maestros such as Patrick Doyle, Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer or Antón García Abril, among many others.

Navarro also received resounding applause at FIMUCITÉ 2014 when he conducted the world premiere of 'The Dark Knight: A Gotham Symphony', an ambitious symphonic piece that gathers together the best scores ever written for Batman to celebrate his 75th anniversary, including the world premiere of 'The Grand Gothic Suite', arranged by Academy Award-winner Elliot Goldenthal for the festival, ('Frida', 'Interview with a Vampire').

In November 2014, Michael Giacchino commissioned Navarro to conduct the Paris Symphony Orchestra featuring his scores for 'Lost', 'The Incredibles', 'Up', 'Ratatouille', 'The Planet of the Apes' at the Festival des Musiques à l´image 2014, together with pieces of French composer Jean Michel Bernard.

Diego Navarro has a strong link with the Krakow Film Music Festival (FMF), where he is one of the main guest conductors. The twinning between both International Film Music Festivals started in 2009 when he was firstly invited to conduct at the Blonnia Fields. His most celebrated concerts in Krakow are:

The James Bond tribute (co-produced with FIMUCITÉ) at the Krakow Arena with an audience of 15,000 people; the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) official 100th anniversary concert, which was held at the Arcelor Mittal and gathered 5,000 people. He worked with Hans Zimmer, conducting the score for 'Inception', Elliot Goldenthal, Dario Marianelli, Patrick Doyle, and more. Both concerts were conducted by Navarro at the FMF 2014, working with two different orchestras and soloists at the same time.

In May 2015, Navarro was again invited by FMF to conduct the 'TV Music Gala' at the Krakow Arena, including 'Games of Thrones', 'The Knick', 'Lost', 'Downton Abbey' and 'Chicago Fire', among other scores. An outstanding audience of 15,000 people enjoyed the concert at the Krakow Tauron Arena.

In FIMUCITÉ IX, in July 2015, Navarro conducted again the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and the Tenerife Film Choir in two great concerts. 'The French Connection' was a tribute to the best French film music, featuring scores from Maurice Jarre ('Lawrence of Arabia', 'Doctor Zhivago'), George Delerue (with a selection of François Truffaut’s films), Francis Lai, Phillipe Sarde, Jean Michel Bernard and the Academy Award winners Alexander Desplat, and Ludovic Bource, who performed 'The Artist' on the piano.  

The Closing Night Gala 'Back in Time: 1985 Live', also conducted by Navarro, included legendary scores as 'Back to The Future', 'The Goonies', 'Cocoon', 'Lady Hawk', 'The Color Purple' enjoyed by a full house of 1700 people, the concert deserved several standing ovations.

The animation film 'Capture the Flag' was released on 28th August, 2015. Directed by Enrique Gato ('Tad, the Lost Explorer'), it is the first Spanish animation movie to be distributed worldwide by a Hollywood Studio (Paramount Pictures), and the only animation film authorized by NASA to use its logo, name and history. The film was 2015 biggest blockbuster in Spain together with 'Ocho Apellidos Catalanes' and 'Palmeras en la Nieve', with almost 2,000,000 spectators and grossing more than €11,000,000 in box office sales. The film was awarded 'Best Animation Film' at the 30th GOYA Awards (Spanish Film Academy) and at the Gaudi Awards. It also won the 2016 Forqué Award for 'Film and Values Education', the 'Best Animation Film' awarded by the Spanish 'Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos', and the Platinum Awards for Ibero American Cinema for 'Best Animation Film' (the only one given by this major International Iberoamerican Cinema Awards to a Spanish production in 2016).

So far, the 'Capture the Flag' score has received 6 nominations for various national and international awards. Prestigious Spanish film magazine 'Fotogramas' included 'Capture the Flag' in the 2015 'Top 10 International Scores'. Recently, the score received nominations for the IFMCA AWARDS in two categories: 'Best Original Score for an Animated Feature', sharing nominations with the Academy Award winner composers for 'Inside Out' (Giacchino),  'The Good Dinosaur' (Mychael Danna), and 'Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet' (Gabriel Yared). He also received a nomination as 'Breakthrough Composer of the Year 2015'. The score was released by Quartet Records and it was chosen as by Musimagen (Association of Audiovisual Music Composers in Spain) to represent Spain as 'Best Orchestral Score' in Berlin at the 'Grand Scores Awards', organised by ECSA (European Composer and Songwriter Alliance).

Its main theme was world premiered at the Closing Night Gala of FIMUCITÉ 2015 and, in May 2016, and also conducted by Diego Navarro, the Symphonic Suite for orchestra and choir was world premiered at the 'FMF Film Music Gala: Animations', held at the Krakow Tauron Arena, where great pieces from animation films were performed. The composer shared the stage with Harry Gregson-Williams ('Shrek', 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe') and Heitor Pereira ('Minions', 'Despicable Me'), among others.

Also in 2015, the Krakow Film Music Festival awarded him with the 'FMF Ambassador Award' for “...his great involvement in the knowledge and popularization of film music, his cooperation between both festivals and the creation of new audiovisual projects of international relevance”. The director of the Krakow Festival Office, Izabela Helbin, emphasized the “special role Diego Navarro has played in the popularization and development of knowledge of film music and his contribution to the development of this important sector of the audiovisual industry”.

FIMUCITÉ 10th was held in September 2016. Diego Navarro conducted the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and the Tenerife Film Choir at the Closing Night Gala, a concert which featured music from the three times Academy Award winner Howard Shore. The highlights of the concert were the European premiere of 'The Hobbit' and 'Hugo', as well as his scores for Scorsese ('The Aviator'), David Cronenberg ('The Fly'), Jonathan Demme ('The Silence of the Lambs') or Peter Jackson ('The Lord of the Rings'), among other titles. Fotogramas magazine has labelled this event the best film music concert held in Spain in 2016.

On 20th May 2017 at the Krakow Tauron Arena, Navarro conducted with great success the 10th Anniversary Gala of the 'Festiwal Muzyki Filmowej (FMF)' working again, with Howard Shore and other composers.

Diego Navarro has recently composed, orchestrated and conducted the score for the film 'Pasaje al Amanecer' (Passage to Dawn), an intense drama directed and written by Andreu Castro and produced by 'Artmedia Producciones' and 'La Fábrica de la Tele'. The film, featuring Lola Herrera, Elvira Mínguez, Ruth Castro and Nicolás Coronado, was premiered on May 5th. The score has been recently released by Varèse Sarabande and is receiving outstanding reviews. On July 2017, the Spanish most renowned cinema magazine chose the score as 'Album of the month' with maximum rates. Besides, 'Passage to Dawn' has been selected to the 'World Soundtrack Awards' in the category of 'Public Choice Award' that grant the Ghent Film Festival. The score is in competition together with 'Star Wars: Rogue One', 'La-la-Land', 'Arrival' and 'Star Trek Beyond', among others.