13 Jul
Sábado 20:00h
Teatro Guimerá Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tickets on sale


After ten years of continuous success making the Teatro Guimerá in Santa Cruz de Tenerife dance, on Saturday 13 July the Pop Culture Band, made up of 15 members with the excellent musical direction and exclusive arrangements of Gonzalo de Araoz, renews its staging within FIMUCITÉ with the concert 'DON'T STOP BELIEVING! The programme will feature songs from legendary musicals and biopics of legendary musicians and bands such as 'Fame', 'Grease', 'Mamma Mia', 'Rocketman', 'Bohemian Rhapsody', 'La Bamba', 'Yesterday', 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' and other essential titles.

  • Opening: I Can’t Turn You Loose.
    Blues Brothers: Granujas a Todo Ritmo
  • Gimme Some Lovin’
    Blues Brothers: Granujas a Todo Ritmo
  • Mamma Mia
    Mamma Mia
  • Come On, Let’s Go
    La Bamba
  • Don’t Stop Believing
    Rock of Angels / Glee
  • She Loves You
  • Wonderwall
    Creation Stories
  • I Want to Break Free
    Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Time Warp
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Rehab
    Back To Black
  • Don’t Yo Worry ‘Bout A Thing
    Sing (Canta)


  • You’re The One That I Want
  • Fame
  • The Happ / Another Brick In The Wall
    Pink Floyd: The Wall
  • The Show Must Go On
    Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Thatk You For The Music
    Mamma Mia
  • Your Song
  • Everybody Wants To Rule The World
    Straight Outta Compton
  • Inbetween Days
    Sing Street
  • Burning Love
  • You Can’t Stop The Beat

Band members:

Singers: Patricio González de Chaves, Zuleyma Medina Ramos; Carlos Ortega Regullón, Héctor Quintero García, Paula González, Francesco Panico and Adrián Lugo
Singer and guitarist: Juan de Araoz Álamo
Saxophone: Luis Cuan Amieva
Trombonist: Cristo Rubens Delgado Bautista
Trumpeter: Elio Rodnell Bignotte
Percussionist: Marta Rosa Díaz
Drummer: Javier Guerrero Peral
Bassist: Daniel Lukacs
Guitarist: Francisco Javier Díaz González
Conductor/Producer/Guitarist: Gonzalo de Araoz Vigil
Keyboard player: David González Álvarez