Fimucinema, Fimucité's competition section, announces its nominations

- In this new edition, a new category has been incorporated to recognise original music composed for videogames.

Espacio La Granja will, once again, welcome the Festival Internacional de Música de Cine de Tenerife (FIMUCITÉ), specifically, its competition section, Fimucinema, where original music composed expressly for feature length fictional films, documentaries and short films is awarded. In this new edition, a new category has been incorporated to recognise original music composed for videogames. Also, for the first time in its history, the Fimucinema award will be monetary. All is set for Sunday, September 25th at 7pm, when the awaited announcement of the winners will take place, and there will be a chance to watch a selection of the nominated shorts.

As it does each year, Fimucinema will cover a wide spectrum of productions of many different profiles and origins. Among the nominees, we can find certain titles that have already met with prestigious acclaim such as "Domingo y La Niebla" (a film with music by Alberto Torres which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, where it received great praise) or the documentary "The Reason I Jump" (nominated at the Emmy Awards for its score by Neinita Desai). Documentaries "1985 Héroes entre Ruinas" and "Toda Una Vida" have been finalists for the Musimagen Awards, as have videogames "Windfolk" (score by Javier Colmen) and "Hungry Dragons. Octoni" (Mateo Pascual), whereas "The Turtle Game" (a second nomination for Gerard Pastor) won in this category at the Asociación de Compositores de Música para Audiovisual Awards.

Animation will be very present in this 10th edition of Fimucinema, with feature films such as  "Unicorn Wars" (music by Joseba Beristain) and "Coppelia" (with Maurizio Malagnini following in  Delibes' footsteps in this new version of the classic), as well as shorts "Night" (music by Suad Bushnaq) and "The Last Cloudweaver" (Ros Gilman). Spanish cinema is represented via future releases such as the afore-mentioned "Unicorn Wars" and "Y Todos Arderán" (with music by Joan Vilà), while Canarian productions are represented by "Gleich" (score by Jonay Armas).

The documentary section is completed with "Emilio Prados, Cazador de Nubes" (presented at the Festival de Málaga, music by Isabel Royán) and "Secrets of the Sea" (an overwhelming documentary on sealife with an enveloping score by Alan Williams), while the videogame category also include titles "Endling – Extinction is Forever" (Manel Gil-Inglada) and "Becastled" (Ockpii).

Short film "La Entrega" has been twice nominated, for Short Film and Song, which, along with "Domingo y la Niebla", sees musician Alberto Torres receiving three nominations this year. Joan Vilà is twice-nominated, also being in the running with short film "Psicario", and this category is completed with "The Sands of Time" (from composer Jean-Pascal Beintus).

The Best Song category is comprised of several stories in which musicians are the very stars of the shorts, such as "A Couple of Songs Away" (Miquel Àngel Aguiló and Verónica Sáez), "Ad Alma" (Antonio Torella) and "The Shadow of the Crows" (Soledad Romero and Augusto Ramos). This category is filled out by "Aria Celeste" from composer Raffaele Petrucci.

The awards will be presented on Sunday the 25th of September at the Espacio Cultural La Granja, where attendees will also be able to enjoy nominated shorts "La Entrega", "Night", "The Sands of Time" and "The Last Cloudweaver".

The jury members responsible for picking this edition's winners are:

  1. Sara López. A composer who has written music for videogames, short films, feature films and documentaries. Among her work is the soundtrack to the Canarian film "Voodoo Apocalypse" (nominated at Fimucinema in 2018 and awarded Best Score at the Semana Internacional de Cine Fantástico de la Costa del Sol that same year), the final 9 levels of videogame "Human Fall Flat", or the soundtrack to videogame "Terra Alia", to name but a few.
  2. Yaiza Ramos. 3D Generalist (3D Animation, FX, Illumination, Videogames, Digital Touchup and Film Editing), 2D Generalist (Storyboard, Concept Art, 2D Animation, Drawing, FX) and Audiovisual Assistant Producer. In 2017 and 2018, she worked at Ilion Animation Studios and is currently Production Coordinator at 3Doubles animation studio.
  3. Josué Vergara. Composer for many shorts and documentaries, his first feature film, "La Desvida", short-listed at Fimucinema in 2020, has just been released in cinemas. He has been short-listed on nine occasions at Fimucinema, winning twice: Best Original Song in 2017 for "Sonríe" from short film "Xmile" and Best Original Documentary Score in 2021 for "Out of the Blue", a score which has also been awarded at the 5th Premios de la Música para el Audiovisual Español de Musimagen.
  4. Santi Vega. Composer, author of scores for films such as "14 Kilómetros" (Espiga de Oro and Best Original Score at Seminci in 2008), "Eyengui, el dios del sueño" (nominated at the 2004 Goyas), "Chavín de Huantar. El Teatro del Más Allá" (nominated at the 2015  Goyas), "Cantábrico (Los Dominios del Oso Pardo)" (MundoBSO 2017 Award and Best Documentary Score at the UK Movie Music Awards the same year). Fimucinema Award for Best Documentary Score in 2014 for "Entre dos mundos. La historia de Gonzalo Guerrero". Santi will preside over the jury, representing Musimagen.

FIMUCITÉ is sponsored by Cabildo de Tenerife, Gobierno de Canarias, Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Ayuntamiento de San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Tenerife, Auditorio de Tenerife y Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife and Teleférico del Teide, with the support of Fundación Disa, Emmasa, Fundación SGAE, Fundación "la Caixa" via CaixaBank, and the collaboration of Domingo Alonso Group and AUDI as the official Festival car.




DOMINGO Y LA NIEBLA. Composer: Alberto Torres
UNICORN WARS. Composer: Joseba Beristain
Y TODOS ARDERÁN. Composer: Joan Vilà
COPPELIA. Composer: Maurizio Malagnini
GLEICH. Composer: Jonay Armas

1985 HÉROES ENTRE RUINAS. Composers: Gerard Pastor López / Bruno Franquet Català
SECRETS OF THE SEA. Composer: Alan Williams
THE REASON I JUMP. Composer: Nainita Desai
TODA UNA VIDA. Composer: Óscar Navarro

ENDLING – EXTINCTION IS FOREVER. Composer: Manel Gil Inglada
WINDFOLK. Composer: Javier Colmen
BECASTLED. Composer: Filipe Monteiro (Ockpii)
HUNGRY DRAGON: OCTONI. Composer: Mateo Pascual

LA ENTREGA. Author: Alberto Torres
NIGHT. Composer: Suad Bushnaq
PSICARIO. Composer: Joan Vilà
THE LAST CLOUDWEAVER. Composer: Ros Gilman
THE SANDS OF TIME. Composer: Jean-Pascal Beintus

A COUPLE OF SONGS AWAY. Song: Diga'm Si Saps
Composers: Miquel Àngel Aguiló (music) Verónica Sáez (lyrics)
AD ALMA. Composer: Antonio Torella
ARIA CELESTE. Song: Fall To Reach The Stars
Composer: Raffaele Petrucci
LA ENTREGA. Song: Vuelve amor
Composer: Alberto Torres
THE SHADOW OF THE CROWS. Song: Lunita de plata (milonga)
Composers: Soledad Romero and Augusto Ramos