The Pop Culture Band

The Pop Culture Band

Formación Artística | Fimucité 2023

The Pop Culture Band, created by Fimucité, is a band produced and artistically directed by guitarist Gonzalo de Araoz. In their themed concerts, The Pop Culture Band explores the biggest pop-rock movie hits from across the decades with the participation of respected soloists, with a spectacular backdrop and mise en scene.

This year, the Pop Culture Band, as has become tradition, will see new additions to their team of artists, both newcomers and consolidated.

Cristina Ramos, Patrício González, Zuleyma Medina, Adrián Lugo, Francesco Paníco, Juan de Araoz, Carlos Ortega and Paula González.

Nuria Herrero (percussion), Francis Díaz (guitar), David González (keyboards), Daniel Lukacs (bass), Siddharta Dorta (drums), Cristo Delgado (trombone), Elio Bignotte (trumpet), Fran Alberto Rodríguez (saxophone) y Gonzalo de Araoz (guitars).