Fimucité 16 announces its concert programme and confirms new international guests

- Johnny Klimek, author of the music for ‘Matrix Resurrections’, Vince DiCola, composer of “Transformers: The Movie” and Marcin Przybilowicz, responsible for the score for hit videogame ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, join the roster of guests.
- The Festival Internacional de Música de Cine de Tenerife will kick off on Friday the 16th of September at the Teatro Leal, with opening concert ‘Kilar – Glass – Navarro’, as performed by prestigious chamber orchestra Sinfonietta Cracovia.
- The Pop Culture Band pays tribute to Ridley Scott with a journey through the music of his films.

The Festival Internacional de Música de Cine de Tenerife (FIMUCITÉ), directed by renowned composer and conductor Diego Navarro, presents the concert programme that will take place between the 16th and 25th of September, with the support of Cabildo de Tenerife, Gobierno de Canarias, and the councils of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and San Cristóbal de La Laguna, amongst other entities. In addition to the themed concerts that will take place at the Auditorio de Tenerife on Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th of September, entitled 'Cyberpunk Remastered (Vol. 1) – Manga / Anime' and 'Cyberpunk Remastered (Vol. 2) – Soul of the Machine' respectively, other original offerings will make up a full and varied programme aimed at lovers of audiovisual music. Also, Johnny Klimek, author of the score for 'Matrix Resurrections'; Vince DiCola, composer of 'Transformers: The Movie' and Marcin Przybilowicz, responsible for the score for hit videogame 'Cyberpunk 2077', join the roster of guests for FIMUCITÉ XVI, which will also welcome Brad Fiedel, composer for the 'Terminator' saga. Elsewhere, legendary four-time Oscar nominated sound engineer Dennis S. Sands will offer a masterclass in the programme for the Fimucité Film Scoring Academy.

Opening Concert
On Friday, the 16th of September, from 8pm onwards, Teatro Leal de La Laguna will house FIMUCITÉ XVI opening concert 'Kilar – Glass – Navarro', in which we will be able to enjoy chamber orchestra Sinfonietta Cracovia, under the direction of Katarzyna Tomala-Jedynak. The repertoire will include compositions by reputed composers Wojciech Kilar from Poland, author of 'Bram Stoker's Dracula', 'The Ninth Gate' or 'The Pianist'; Philip Glass from the US, nominated for three Oscars for the scores of 'Notes from a Scandal', 'The Hours' and 'Kundun'; and Spanish composer Diego Navarro, author of titles such as 'The Photographer of Mauthausen', 'The Beast' or 'Passage to Dawn'. In their first visit to the Canary Islands, the Sinfonietta have, of their own initiative, wanted to include pieces by Navarro, the Islands' most representative composer. This concert, which is part of Sinfonietta Cracovia's "Kilar 90" international tour, will feature guest soloists such as pianist Aleksander Dębicz and soprano María Candelaria Hernández.

'Kilar – Glass – Navarro' is a project co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, in co-production with FIMUCITÉ. This concert is a huge first for the Festival, as this is the first time an international orchestra has been invited to take part in the event..

'Ridley Scott: Like Tears In Rain', with The Pop Culture Band
The Pop Culture Band, FIMUCITÉ's resident band since 2014, whose performances are always one of the big draws of the festival, will, on Saturday the 17th of September, at Teatro Guimerá, premiere the concert 'Ridley Scott: Like Tears In Rain', which will take us through pieces that have featured in the films of one of the most influential British filmmakers ever, director of cyberpunk classic 'Blade Runner', which celebrates the 40th anniversary of its release this year. This musical treat will begin at 8:00pm.

The repertoire will include pieces such as the ethereal 'Love Theme' and 'One More Kiss, Dear' by Vangelis from 'Blade Runner'; 'Hold On, I'm Comin', by Sam & Dave, from 'American Gangster'; 'Something Else' by Eddie Cochran, included in the soundtrack to 'White Squall'; or 'Suspicious Minds', by Elvis Presley, which can be heard in 'Black Hawk Down'.

'Tangos de Cine'
On Sunday, the 18th of September, FIMUCITÉ's concert programme will return to La Laguna with a unique offering that the audience will be able to enjoy in the venue without equal that is the ex Convento de Santo Domingo, a place of cultural interest located in the city of Patrimonio de la Humanidad. The recital will be given by duo Karolina Mikołajczyk and Iwo Jedynecki (violín and classical accordion), one of the most vibrant and innovative chamber pairings of the present day.

Revered by artists such as Maxim Vengerov and Krzysztof Penderecki, they have won several Grand Prix and first places in international music contests, performing, to name but three, at New York's Carnegie Hall, Guangzhou Opera House and Warsaw Philarmonic, where their debut concert was sold out.

With 'Tangos De Cine', they will offer a journey through different eras of Hollywood cinema, from the 40s to the present, via suites garnished with classic tangos from the silver screen, such as 'Por una cabeza', by Carlos Gardel, from the soundtrack to 'Scent of a Woman', or the compositions by Astor Piazzolla 'I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)', from thriller 'Frantic', and 'Punta Del Este' from sci-fi classic 'Twelve Monkeys'.

Tickets on sale now for the 'Cyberpunk Remastered' symphonic concerts
Tickets are now on sale for both symphonic concerts that will take place at Auditorio de Tenerife on the 23rd and 24th of September. Cyberpunk, a science fiction subgenre borne from the writings of authors such as William Gibson or Bruce Sterling in the 1980s, has inspired the repertoire of soundtracks that will be performed in this year's FIMUCITÉ gala symphonic concerts, under the direction of Diego Navarro. The Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife and the Tenerife Film Choir will perform the music from key cyberpunk sagas such as 'Terminator', in the presence of its composer, American Brad Fiedel, or 'Matrix', with Johnny Klimek, co-author with Tom Tykwer of the score from the latest entry in the franchise, 'Matrix Resurrections'. The music from other indispensable titles, such as 'Robocop', composed by Basil Poledouris, or 'Tron', from composer Wendy Carlos, a sci-fi classic that celebrates its 40th anniversary on the 9th of July, will also be enjoyed.

Both thematic concerts will feature numerous World Premieres, are entitled 'Cyberpunk Remastered (Vol. 1) – Manga / Anime' and 'Cyberpunk Remastered (Vol. 2) – Soul of the Machine', respectively, and will be comprised of a common part, including pieces from 'Terminator', 'Transformers', 'Total Recall', 'Matrix', 'Blade Runner' and videogame 'Cyberpunk 2077', and another part, the first in both cases, that will be exclusive to each programme. Thus, the concert programmed for the 23rd of September at 7:30pm, dedicated to manga and anime, will include the soundtracks of some of the most celebrated big screen manga-anime adaptations, such as 'Akira' by Katsuhiro Otomo or dyptich 'Ghost in the Shell' by filmmaker Mamoru Oshii, with an unforgettable score by Kenji Kawai, as well as live action adaptations of great renown like 'Alita: Battle Angel', a James Cameron production directed by Robert Rodríguez, with a score by Tom Holkenborg.

The second cyberpunk concert, 'Soul of the Machine', will feature exclusive performances of the soundtracks to emblematic films in which robotics play a pivotal and revolutonary role, from the seminal 'Metrópolis' by Fritz Lang and both 'Tron' movies with scores by Wendy Carlos and Daft Punk, respectively, to 'Pacific Rim' by Guillermo del Toro, with an energetic soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi, and 'Robocop', Paul Verhoeven's masterpiece, sensationally scored by Basil Poledouris. These concerts will begin at 7pm.

Tickets, available for 30 to 40 euros, can be purchased at the Auditorio de Tenerife website, at the box office, or by calling 902 317 327. FIMUCITÉ offers a package for those who wish to enjoy both concerts, with a 10 euro discount.

The Fimucité Film Scoring Academy will, once again, open its doors, with a specialised educational offer aimed at students and professional musicians interested in the creation of audiovisual music as a professional alternative. Classes will be imparted, amongst others, by legendary, four-time Oscar-nominated sound engineer Dennis S. Sands, responsible for the recording and mixing of scores such as 'Back to the Future', 'Forrest Gump', 'Contact', `The Avengers´or ´Ready Player One´.

The programme of parallel activities for the 16th Edition of FIMUCITÉ will also include screenings of full-length and short films in the official competition section FIMUCINEMA.

FIMUCITÉ is sponsored by Cabildo de Tenerife, Gobierno de Canarias, Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Ayuntamiento de San Cristóbal de La Laguna, INtech Tenerife, Auditorio de Tenerife and Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife, Teleférico del Teide, with support from Fundación Disa, Emmasa, Fundación SGAE, Fundación "la Caixa" via CaixaBank, and the collaboration of Domingo Alonso Group and AUDI as the Official Festival car.