Netflix original "El Páramo" score, by Diego Navarro, recorded in Krakow in association with FMF

- The feature film by David Casademunt, for which Navarro has composed the score, will have its World Premiere at the imminent edition of the Sitges International Film Festival.

Composer Diego Navarro, currently one of the most international Spanish film scorers, has happily con-cluded the recording of his latest work, on this occasion for Folk-Horror feature film “El Páramo”, the debut for filmmaker David Casademunt produced for Netflix by Rodar y Rodar, with Marina Padró as an execu-tive producer. “El Páramo” is an unsettingly atmospheric tale, written by Fran Menchón, Martí Lucas y Casademunt himself, that introduces the viewer to a family whose quiet, isolated life is disturbed by a crea-ture of unknown origin that will test the ties that bind them.

The recording took place in the historic S-3 TVP Studios in Krakow, Poland, where the Beethoven Acade-my Orchestra, one of the highest-rising symphonic formations in Poland, conducted by Navarro, gave mu-sical narration to the shocking images of the film, starring two-time Goya Award winner Roberto Álamo ('Que Dios nos perdone' and La gran familia española'), Inma Cuesta (“La Novia”) and young Asier Flores (“Dolor y Gloria”).

This recording was enabled thanks to the brotherhood that the Festival Internacional de Música de Cine de Tenerife (FIMUCITÉ) maintains with its Polish counterpart, the prestigious Krakow Film Music Festival a (FMF), a bond that is consolidated this year with the recording of the score for this new original Netflix pro-duction, as played by renowned Polish orchestra the Beethoven Academy Orchestra. Thus, Navarro could combine the recording of his score with his conducting duties at the most important concert of the 14th Kra-kow FMF, immediately after.

Navarro says that “composing the score for “El Páramo”, has been a marvellous artistic challenge. I was determined from the minute I accepted the job that David Casademunt´s debut would have its own musical voice”.

Additionally, the composer notes that “production-wise, it has been a complex task to combine the orches-tra´s work with that of choirs, a number of soloist instrumentalists and a vast array of electronic elements. The back and forth with David has been consistent and fluid at all times, and we have gotten on swimming-ly. What´s more, I was desperate to work with the Beethoven Academy Orchestra and to have them play my music. I have conducted them on many occasions, but never as the composer. I´m really excited about the Premiere of our film in Sitges, and I have no doubt the film will be a great success.”

‘El páramo’ will have its World Premiere in October at the Sitges International Film Festival, where it will be competing in the Official Selection.