FIMUCINEMA, The competitive section of Fimucité, presents the selection of feature films, documentaries and shorts in competition

- Espacio Cultural La Granja will present, from the 20th and the 26th of September, the screening programme of all productions competing for the awards to Best Original Score and Best Original Song.

The 15th Anniversary of Festival Internacional de Música de Cine de Tenerife (FIMUCITÉ) brings a new edition of FIMUCINEMA, our official competition section, whose screening programme will unfold from the 20th to the 26th of September in Espacio Cultural La Granja. Since 2013, FIMUCITÉ has embarked on this parallel activity coordinated by Manuel Díaz Noda who, once again, has received material from all four corners of the world and has selected those works with notable original scores, in which the music presents an arc in perfect synchonicity with the footage, the plot and the characters, bringing all sound elements necessary to enrich the movie.

We present a selection of 4 feature films, 5 documentaries and 19 shorts in competition for the four established categories: the Alex North Award to Best Original Score in a Feature Film, the Fimucinema Award to Best Original Score for Documentary, the Fimucinema Award to Best Original Score for Short Film and the Fimucinema Award to Best Original Song. We are pleased to present a selection of truly attention-worthy and exotic proposals, heeding from places such as Algeria (‘Heliopolis’), Estonia (‘Virago’) or Puerto Rico (‘La Última Gira’), but also from countries in the EU such as Italy (‘Come Niente’), France (‘Navozande, The Musician’), Belgium (‘Mosaic’) or Germany (‘Jim Button and the Wild 13’).

Once again, the United States and Spain are the most visible countries in a selection which proves that FIMUCINEMA is committed to the Audiovisual community in the Canary Islands, with the participation of several filmmakers from the archipielago: Elio Quiroga with ‘Whence comes the rain’, Chedey Reyes with ‘El Mirador De Martín’ and Enrique Diego with ‘Minotauro’.

All of the selected works have yet to be released commercially in Spain, and many of them are seeing their Spanish Festival premieres here at FIMUCINEMA. In addition to this, the selection presents works celebrated at prestigious film events such as Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival, PÖFF Shorts or LAFA Los Angeles Film Festival.

The subject matters found in our selection is very diverse, although, in these times during which film has provided a voice to those underrepresented by society and has brought light to injustice, social themes are predominant. Films like “Heliopolis”, ‘Women Warriors: The Voices of Change’, ‘Mamakrom’, ‘Mama’, ‘El baile del estornino’, ‘Cómplices’, ‘Come Niente’ or ‘Paraíso en Llamas’ are a testament to this.

The jury of the 9th edition of FIMUCINEMA is comprised of the composer and president of Asociación Musimagen, Xavier Capellas, presiding the jury; Julio Tejera, musician and president of the Canarian Counsel of SGAE; Minia Díaz, singer-composer, co-founder and Singing and Music Therapy teacher at Novilunio Music & Films; and Verónica Galán, journalist and Communications director at Auditorio de Tenerife. The Awards will be announced on the 26th of September at Espacio Cultural La Granja.

FIMUCITÉ celebrates its 15th Edition with the support of Cabildo de Tenerife, Gobierno de Canarias, Ayuntamiento de San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Auditorio de Tenerife and Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife, as well as Fundación “la Caixa”, Fundación Disa and Fundación SGAE.