Fimucinema 2022


The International Film Music Festival of Tenerife, FIMUCITÉ, opens, as part of its activities, an official announcement for cinematographic works for tenth edition of FIMUCINEMA, an event that endeavors to disseminate and promote the treatment of music as an essential element of a cinematographic production. It is a festival with an open thematic line, with focus on the musical part, presenting an award to those works that, according to the decision of the jury established by FIMUCITÉ, offer the best score and the best implementation of the music with the image.

All feature films, short films and documentaries, which have been produced after 1st January, 2020, not previously distributed commercially in theatres or in a streaming service in Spain, can submit for the Official Section Competition of FIMUCINEMA. It will be also especially considered those works that had not been screened previously in any Spanish festival.

Submission Categories:

  • Best Original Score in a Feature film
    Any national or foreign production with a running time of at least 60 minutes.
  • Best Original Score in a Short Film
    Any national or foreign production with a running time of no more than 30 minutes.
  • Best Original Score in a Documentary
    Any national or foreign non-fiction production with a running time of at least 40 minutes.
  • Best original score for videogame
    Any national or foreign videogame with an original score
  • Best Original Song
    Original theme created for a feature film, short film or documentary.

DEADLINE: August 25th 2022

The submission free is 5€. The payment can be done in our paypal account or in the platform Filmfreeway.

Fimucinema FilmFreeWay
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The submission of the films will be made by natural persons or legal entities holding the rights to the films submitted through the entry form which can be downloaded here:

For the preselection process, FIMUCINEMA accepts submissions with private links at the email or through our account in the platform Filmfreeway.

Regarding videogames, submissions must be with a link to the demo version of the game in the platform stream or an autoexec file of such demo version.

They must have Spanish and/or English subtitles.

There won't be public exhibition. The festival will not distribute the private links. These will be used exclusively by the selection team and, if selected, by the jury.

The works submitted for the selection must be obligatory enclosed by the following documents:

  • Entry form, duly completed and signed.
  • Short synopsis of the film.
  • Bio/Filmographies and photographs of the director and the composer of the music in digital format.
  • Two images of the film, in JPEG high resolution format, for the catalogue and the website in case the film be selected.
  • Press Dossier, poster and advertising material of the film, for the same goal as mentioned above.
  • Short description of the characteristics of the music and the musical production.

The sending of promotional materials, compulsory or voluntary, gives automatic authorization to the Organization of the Festival to use them in the materials sent to the media.

The Organization of FIMUCITÉ will inform the participant via e-mail of the receipt of the film.

The works for the Official Competition for the tenth edition of Fimucinema will be selected by the Festival Selection Committee, which will be formed by professionals of both fields (film and music) and representatives of the Organization, acting one of them as Secretary with voice and vote.

The Selection Committee will be responsible of forming the Official nominations and will select the works according to the guidelines of quality and creativity issued at the Festival.

The Committee's decision will be irrevocable and the Organization will inform the participants via e-mail. For general information, the list of selected works will be also on the website of the festival.

Each category will have five works nominated.

The Jury will be formed by 4 professionals of recognized musical and/or film prestige, one of which will be acting as Chairman.

The Jury will announce the awards during the award gala that will be held September, 25th.

The decisions of the Jury will be unappealable.

The Jury, formed by professionals of the fields, will give the award of the festival, which will be the FIMUCINEMA statuette, in the case of the Alex North Award, and a plaque for the rest of the categories. The awards include also a cash prize as follows:

  • Best Original Song 250 €
  • Best Original Score in a Short Film 300 €
  • Best Original Score in a Documentary 600 €
  • Best original score for videogame 600 €
  • Best Original Score in a Feature film 800 €

In case no representative of the winning film (composer, director, producer) can attend the Closing Gala of the Festival to accept the award, all the shipping costs will be covered by the winner and payed on delivery.

The cash prizes of the awards shall be subject to withholdings established by legislation in force at the time of payment by the Festival organization, and in any case shall be deemed to be included in the cash prize of said awards.

The Organization of the Festival assumes that the producers or filmmakers submitted to the Competition hold the rights of screening of the works they present. In any case, the Festival Organization exempts from any liability that may result from the violation of this regulation.

The Organization of the Festival will not copy or distribute in its entirety the submitted works. The festival will be able to use the trailer or a three minutes clip of the selected works exclusively for broadcasting in the media.

FIMUCINEMA will give the participants the Festival Logo with the Award, that must be included in future screenings of the film.

Sending the entry form, signed, and the film means full acceptance of the Competition Rules, as well as the recognition of the Festival Organization to solve any circumstances not covered by these rules.

Fimucinema 2022