FIMUCITÉ continues to bet on the continuation of specialised education in the field of audiovisual music. The original sound creation for all image-based avenues, be they films, documentaries, videogames or any other kind of multimedia content, is the territory through which renowned professionals of huge international prestige will be your instructors in the art of “Film Scoring”.

Since 2016, FIMUCITÉ Film Scoring Academy has offered both audiences of the appropriate educational age and professional newcomers a vast catalogue of masterclasses that have covered numerous and varied disciplines with regards to the relationship between a musician and their work in the audiovisual field. This initiative, which, in 2021, will see its 6th edition, is one of the most unique academic offerings the world of music has to give. For three days, there will be an intensive exploration of hitherto unknown aspects of the audiovisual music universe.


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20 Sep
Sala de Cámara del Teatro Leal de La Laguna

11.00“Play the Game: Sound Narrative in Videogame Music”

By Eimear Noone

One of the world´s highest-regarded composers and conductors in the field of videogames returns to the Film Scoring Academy, where she will tackle one of the highest-rising subjects in the realms of audiovisual music.

Videogames have, in the last few years, become one of the new paradigms when it comes to “blockbusters”, and their scores are real best-sellers among aficionados.

Throughout her MasterClass, Eimear Noone will offer us the keys for score creators to forge a path for themselves in a field which is ever more open to innovation and originality.

*Approximate Total Duration: 2 hours.

24 Sep
Sala de Cámara del Teatro Leal de La Laguna

11.00“Multidisciplinary Innovation”

By Dario Palomo, Xavier Capellas and Daniel Trujillo - Moderado by Gorka Oteiza

Prestigious composers from the Spanish industry will unravel the mechanisms through which composers can face audiovisual commissions with full creativity, thus adding value to the project, whatever this may be.

Television and advertising will be debated in this educational roundtable, alongside both the symphonic and electro-acoustic genres.

*Approximate Total Duration: 2 hours.

25 Sep
Sala de Cámara del Teatro Leal de La Laguna

11.00“Know the Past to Face the Future”

By Conrado Xalabarder

Something incredibly noteworthy of these technology-dominated times is the way in which references are being lost, which leads to a huge vacuum when it comes to knowledge of classic formulae and methods used to create films from their music onwards, as well as allowing music to lead the way when it comes to film narrative. Considering that processes are always cyclical, for example a film like “Star Wars” coming along and causing a resurgence in symphonic music, one must be ready to face change and stand firm when facing films´ demands. This is why it is of utmost importance to know the most used and most successful traditional narrative methods, to be ready when they return.

To this end, this MasterClass will be about the evolution of integration and narrative discourse in audiovisual language, from its beginnings to the present day. The process of the conversion of music into filmic metalanguage was not immediate, but rather progressive, with innovation and experimentation. Some formats have remained unscathed by the passing of time, whereas others have become obsolete. The evolution of overlaps and the implication of music in cinema over time, by genre and by film. Knowing these methods guarantees the ability to confidently face any project that will require these methods, ever valid..

*Approximate Total Duration: 2 hours.