Fimucité's official selection, Fimucinema, announces competition titles.

Espacio Cultural La Granja will held the screenings of selected productions that will compete for Alex North and Fimucinema Awards between September 21st to 25th.

Fourteenth FIMUCITÉ edition unveils this year's FIMUCINEMA Official Selection, that includes four feature films, four documentaries and twenty three short films. Tenerife International Film Music Festival created this section in 2013, coordinated by Manuel Díaz Noda, where international productions from all over the world compete in the four established categories: Alex North Award for Best Achievement in Music Written for Feature Film, and the Fimucinema Awards for the Best Original score for documentary, short film, and best original song.

Titles from Spain, France, Italy, United States, Brazil or Canada, among others, can be found in a stelar selection, that includes renowned composers as Zbigniew Preisner and Simon Boswell (‘Dear Child’), Lolita Ritmanis (‘Blizzard of Souls’), David Hadjadj (‘Long Time No See’) or Carlos Martín Jara (‘ECO’). Ritmanis is also part of the increasing female representation among the selected Works together with Pilar Onares (‘As a Reflex’), Minia Díaz (‘Attack’), Marta Martos Cubero (‘Confesiones de un Asesino en Ciernes’), Mariuca García-Lomas (‘Réplica’), Emily Klassen (‘The Universe According to Dan Buckley’).

Social compromised themes of the most of these films called the attention of the selection panel. Altough the selection values and the main aim of this section are exclusively music and its implementation in the audiovisual media, the topics developed of this wide range of films include condemnation of the devastating effects of wars (‘Blizzard of Souls’, ‘The Rotation (Xulanewe)’), the defense of women in society (‘Mujereando. El Quejío de la Diosa’, ‘As A Reflex’), the health, family and social problems individuals have to endure when cases of degenerative illnesses and how art help to mitigate the effects (‘Ho Sposato Mia Madre’, ‘Living with Gaudí’, ‘Soy’), the abuses against children slaves or child soldiers in the drug wars (‘Dear Child’) or by labour exploitation (‘Rag Doll’); as well as the defense of sexual diversity (‘Salvo el Crepúsculo’, ‘Renacer’, ‘Norberta’) or pro-animal discourse (‘Lila’, ‘Su Vida en tus Manos’).

For second year on a row, FIMUCINEMA will be celebrated at Espacio La Granja. All screenings are free admission until full capacity is reached. According the current Covid-19 healt situation, prevention protocols have been adapted to ensure the infection-free status of the venue, where you can enjoy the magic of film and music. Award winners will be announced on Sunday, September 27 at the closing event of the Festival at El Espacio La Granja, which will include the screening of the Alex North Award winning film.

Juan José Solana (musician and president of Fundación SGAE), Sara López (composer), Raquel Toste (RTVC journalist) and Alejandro Martín (cultural manager and artistic director of Festival Atlántico del Género Negro Tenerife Noir).

The complete screening program and Schedule is available at FIMUCITÉ website, The 14th FIMUCITÉ edition will be celebrated from September 18th to 27th, led by the acclaimed composer and conductor Diego Navarro, and it’s sponsored by Cabildo de Tenerife, Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz, Ayuntamiento de La Laguna, Gobierno de Canarias, Auditorio de Tenerife y Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife.