International film music festival's alliance between Fimucité and Krakow FMF will bring “Scorsese After Hours” live world premiere in Tenerife.

- City of La Laguna will held “CineMass”, a second co-production between the two greatest festivals.

- The Pop Culture Band's new show at Guimerá Theater will be devoted to popular songs from filmmaker Martin Scorsese's best films.

Tenerife International Film Music Festival is joining forces one more time with prestigious Krakow FMF in the co-production of two concerts programmed in this FIMUCUTÉ 14th edition; ‘Scorsese After Hours’ and ‘Cinemass’. In the words of artistic director Diego Navarro, “these new and awaited live concert projects are the definitive proof the strong and solid is the alliance that exists between our film music festivals. We have created a very unique model of cooperation that has achieved great awareness”.

Saturday September 19th, at 20:30, audience at Guimerá Theatre will witness a new World Premiere from FIMUCITÉ's resident pop-rock ensemble The Pop Culture Band under the title ‘Scorsese After Hours’. This is a one in a lifetime concert experience that will include the best musical highlights from Academy Award Winner director's filmography.

The Pop Culture Band's frontman, Gonzalo de Araoz, will be followed on stage by Francis Díaz (electric guitar), Daniel Lukacks (electric bass), David Gonzalez (keyboards), Nuria Herrero (percussions), Javi Guerrero (drums), Elio Bignote (trumpet), Luis Cuan (sax) and Cristo Delgado (trombone). Vocal talent from soloists Hector Quintero, Patty Baker, Patricio González and Antonella Vega will bring the live show popular songs from Martin Scorese's films such as 'Gimme Shelter' (The Rolling Stones) that we can remember from Goodfellas (1990), Brenda Lee's 'I'm Sorry' that was featured in Casino (1995). Tickets on sale will be announced soon.

In the other hand, “CineMass” choral concert will take place on Thursday September 24th at 19:30 in the emblemathic Cathedral of the City of La Laguna. The building, declared Artistic Historical Monument, will held a unique choral experience. The voices of the choir, along with the piano performance of Satomi Morimoto, will develop a concert program that will include celebrated movie themes like ‘Gabriel’s Oboe’ (Ennio Morricone) from The Mission, ‘In Memoriam’ (Bruno Coulais) from Les Choristes or the impressive ‘Hallelujah’ (Leonard Cohen) that has been included in a wide variety of movie soundtracks, from Shrek (2001) to Watchmen (2009). The concert program will also feature pieces from movies like Carlito's Way, Behind the Enemy Lines or Frozen and TV Series such as Band of Brothers or Outlander.

“CineMass” is a free attendance concert. This original coproduction between FIMUCITÉ and FMF is also possible with the collaboration of Soundtacks Live! Artistic Director Mikael Carlsson and Wieslew Delimat, who was the conductor of the concert in Krakow.

Artistic Director of Krakow FMF, Robert Piaskowski, has expressedn his enthusiasm towards this project “The choirs singing for us are the essence of energy and festival beauty. Their members are full of passion: they love singing, they feel joy while doing it and thus are able to create a magical atmosphere and phenomenal sound creations. The choirs have a great, yet underestimated power in cinema, giving the film space and evoking a full range of emotions. These emotions of several dozen singers meet in the choir, every human being is singing separately and, at the same time, create one resounding organism. This is one of the most fascinating spectacles in art and music in general.

Not only Krakow Film Music Festival, but also Fimucite are driven by the power flowing from the choirs. Choristers are an important group of the festival community. Their singing and their unstoppable cheerful enthusiasm create an important energy of our festivals. Therefore, I am glad that the carefully selected FMF choral repertoire of the most beautiful pieces of film music will also sound in Santa Cruz, at Fimucite. I am convinced that this performance will bring the audience beautiful moments of sheer emotions, and that the performers will enjoy singing together”

The 14th FIMUCITÉ edition will be celebrated from September 18th to 27th. The Tenerife International Film Music Festival is sponsored by Cabildo de Tenerife, Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz, Ayuntamiento de La Laguna, Gobierno de Canarias, Auditorio de Tenerife y Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife.