Press Accreditations Request

Thank you for your interest in FIMUCITÉ 13 and the Press Accreditation required to cover the programmed activities.

The application period for press accreditation requests will remain open until August 30st, 2019. Any applications received after this date will automatically be rejected.

Press accreditations validated by the FIMUCITÉ organisers will ensure that accredited media & communications professionals receive up-to-date information on planned activities and events as well as details of all press conferences that will be held.

To apply, you must complete the following form ensuring you complete ALL fields.

In order to be able to attend concerts you will need to have a Press Invite. You must indicate the concerts you plan to attend on the application form in the section “TYPE OF PLANNED PRESS COVERAGE”. Each media & communications agency may only request one Press Invite ticket per concert.

In the section, “SAMPLE OF PREVIOUS WORK” those who are applying for press accreditation who have attended previous FIMUCITÉ festivals must provide an example of how the festival was covered (link/s to publication/s). Those who will be covering the FIMUCITÉ festival for the first time must provide links to press coverage relating to FIMUCITÉ 13.

The organizers reserve the right to refuse press accreditation to anyone who does not meet the necessary requirements.

Once the press accreditation application has been submitted, applicants will receive an email to confirm that their application has been received and is being processed. Our organizers will send a second email confirming the result of the application process.

For more information, please contact:


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