Auditorio Antonio Lecuona

FIMUCITÉ organises several parallel activities over the course of the festival. Ensuring the artistic evolution of the event, and according the growing interest of the film music industry, training aspiring composeres and musicians in the audiovisual field is now one of the highest priorities.

FIMUCITÉ sets up the Film Scoring Academy focusing efforts on the art of film scoring or, more precisely, the creation of music for audiovisual projects. This educational program is open to students from the Conservatory of Music and professionals alike.

Since 2016 the FIMUCITÉ Film Scoring Academy has offered a series of master classes that are delivered by award-winning artists and internationally renowned professionals. This 4th edition of the FFSA once again presents training at the hands of international professionals over the course of three days. During this time attendees will explore and become more familiar with the fascinating world of musical composition for film, audiovisual projects, and video games.


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25 Sep
Aula Magna del Conservatorio de Santa Cruz

12.00“Music: Energy, challenges and rewards”

by Vince DiCola

In his workshop the composer of “Rocky IV” and “Transformers: The Movie” will be exploring the energy and power of music. Not only does he cover film, television and videogames, but he also explores the breadth of his own personal and professional experiences. Using these experiences he provides a breakdown of the challenges that are faced during the creative process and the rewards that are to be gained from dedication, hard work… and patience.

Lasts approx. 2 hours

15.00“A composer’s discipline: work and practice”

by Randy Edelman

Randy Edelman, the composer of mythical film scores for “Dragonheart” an “The Last of the Mohicans” delves into the fundamental aspects that shape the financial solvency of a professional composer: the development of a system based on motivation and, even more importantly, a strong work ethic. A overview of the day-to-day activities of a composer from an objective perspective.

Lasts approx. 2 hours

26 Sep
Aula Magna del Conservatorio de Santa Cruz

12.00“Understanding the creative process: traversing the never-ending voyage"

by Harry Manfredini

Harry Manfredini is one of the most celebrated composers in the horror film genre, as demonstrated by his brilliant works for films sagas such as “Friday 13th” or “House”. During his masterclass, Manfredini will be offering a stark look at the interaction between composers and directors or producers. He discusses how to defends ones ideas from an artistic standpoint and how to build networking opportunities that lead to work in what is an extremely competitive industry.

Lasts approx. 2 hours

15.00“Staying faithful to your own style”

by Christopher Young

Christopher Young returns to the FIMUCITÉ Film Scoring Academy with a new and inspirational masterclass. This versatile composer, responsible for works such as “Hellraiser” and “Drag Me to Hell”, breaks down the strategies a composer should follow during their professional career to ensure they preserve the artist traits that set them apart from other professionals whilst also guaranteeing that new work has an original flourish to it.

Lasts approx. 2 hours

27 Sep
Aula Magna del Conservatorio de Santa Cruz

12.00“The life of a musical score: the before and after following a movie’s release”

by Matthijs Kieboom & Magda Miska-Jackowska

In an industry that is continuously reinventing itself and transforming at breakneck speeds, needs and requirements are also directly affected by any changes. Not only are these felt by composers, but also by filmmakers and consumers of film music (fans, festivals, concert programs and press campaigns). Is there a second life for film scores? This talk by Kieboom & Miska offers insights that help composers understand how to meet the demands of different types of audience and consumers.

Lasts approx. 2 hours

15.00“Walking the tightrope: the red lines in the audiovisual composer’s practice”

by Darío Palomo

Darío Palomo, President of Musimagen (Association of Audiovisual music composers), spoke last year on composer rights and registering and protecting the ownership of works. This year Palomo returns to speak in depth on how professional audiovisual composers must behave to earn a good name in the industry and build lasting structures that ensure professional longevity and a stable income throughout their career.

Lasts approx. 2 hours