The Pop Culture Band, created by FIMUCITÉ and led by the guitarist Gonzalo de Araoz, explores the most successful pop-rock music in cinema across different decades. This is made all the more interesting thanks to the participation of prominent solo artists and an energetic dance troupe whose direction guarantees meticulous staging and set design.

The Pop Culture Band boasts the following musicians: Gonzalo de Araoz (musical director and lead guitar), Francis Díaz (guitar), Julio Moreno (bass), Ventor de la Guardia (percussion) Javier Guerrero (drums), Laura Álvarez (choir), José Félix Álvarez (choir) David González (keyboard), Julián Díaz (trumpet), Francisco José Alberto (saxaphone) and Cristo Delgado (trombone). This year it also includes the vocal talents of Cristina Ramos, Sandra Morales, Hector Quintero, Patricio González and Fran León.